Customized Solutions for Automating Your Home

Home automation is no longer the thing of the future. It’s a reality now, and it can revolutionize the way you and your family live your lives. If you’re looking to take advantage of the latest in home automation technologies, call ECHO Technologies today to schedule a free needs assessment.

At ECHO Technologies, we know that you have a choice of home automation companies in the Fort Wayne, IN area. Choosing the right provider is essential, as the quality and functionality of your home automation system directly impacts the safety and comfort of your family. At ECHO Technologies, we work to be part of the Fort Wayne, IN community, to ensure that homes and families are safe and comfortable, and to build relationships with our customers that we hope will last for years to come.

Make Your Home a Smart Home

We offer state-of-the-art smart home security solutions for residents of Fort Wayne, IN. We go beyond the “cookie cutter” home automation plans that other companies offer, delivering a customized plan that is designed to fit your home, budget and lifestyle. Whether you are looking to automate a single function, or to turn your house into a complete smart home, ECHO Technologies can provide home automation solutions and services to achieve your goals.

ECHO Technologies offers innovative smart home and home automation solutions that integrate with your existing devices, from lighting and temperature controls to home theater to home security systems. We’ll also handle your home automation system installation from start to finish, and provide you with a system that delivers the comfort, cost savings and convenience that you desire.

Transform Your Home with ECHO Technologies

Learn how we can transform your Fort Wayne, IN residence into a state of the art smart home! Contact us today for a free home automation assessment with one of our smart home experts.

Schedule A Needs Assessment

Site Assessment

When considering your home automation solution, the most critical step is the pre-planning stage. This is why at ECHO Technologies, we emphasize the importance of the site assessment. After contacting us to set up an appointment, our highly trained home automation technicians will visit your home to conduct a thorough site survey, beginning with a basic schematic of your floor plan. We’ll identify the existing infrastructure you have in place, and areas where home automation could potentially be beneficial for you and your family. We’ll also take time to interview you to determine your lifestyle and automation needs, in addition to the features you wish to see in your new smart home system. We will also gain a better understanding of your budget at this time, so we can develop a plan that works for you. Because of our deep experience delivering custom home automation solutions to residents of Fort Wayne, IN, we have the flexibility to design a system to fit any budget.

Planning Your Home Automation System

After gaining a thorough understanding of your home’s layout and your desires, our home automation technicians will develop a comprehensive, customized plan for you. They will provide a detailed breakdown of the home automation technologies they recommend, and the rationale behind each of them. They will also provide you with options at several different price points, so that you can choose the solutions and products that best fit your budget. At ECHO Technologies, we strive to be entirely transparent with our customers. We enjoy working with homeowners in the Fort Wayne, IN area, and we take as much time as you need to explain your home automation solutions options. We’ll work with you every step of the way and will not install anything that you are not comfortable with. Since this technology will be revolutionizing your home environment, we want to ensure that you are thoroughly involved in the process.

Professional Installation

Once you have chosen your preferred home automation solutions and our team has completed your installation plan, our trained technicians will begin the installation process. They will first work with you to determine an installation time frame that works best for you. We work with you to minimize any inconvenience to you and your family. Once we have settled on an installation time, we will work to install your new home automation systems as quickly as possible, so that your new technology is implemented seamlessly into your existing lifestyle. Depending on the size and scope of your system, sometimes we can set up a new home automation system in less than a day; larger systems may take several days to install. At ECHO Technologies, our team prides itself on being professional, and you can expect this to show through when we’re installing your new home automation system. We respect your home, ensure that everything is clean and tidy when we are finished for the day, and answer any questions you have during the process.


A key aspect in designing and installing a new home automation system is the cabling and electrical wiring that runs behind the scenes. The average homeowner may be able to set up a particular home automation technology themselves, but without professional training and experience, they likely would not be capable of integrating multiple solutions together for complete smart home automation. Fortunately, at ECHO Technologies, our technicians are highly-trained specialists who are experienced with running cable throughout residential structures. When they equip your home, they will use high-quality cabling from leading suppliers. This helps ensure that your home automation systems are durable and work efficiently for many years to come. We never attempt to cut costs by skimping on cabling or other components. Your family’s safety and comfort is always our highest priority.


Home automation systems are fun to use and can make your life much more comfortable, but most homeowners find that they need help configuring their new devices once we finish the installation process. Our technicians will stay with you until you are completely satisfied with your home automation installation and are comfortable using your new equipment. We offer configuration services to ensure that you have a seamless experience with optimal results. Our technicians can help configure your home automation services on your smartphone and mobile devices, and explain how each tool works.


If you ever run into a roadblock with your home automation system, there’s no need to panic. At ECHO Technologies, we are always here for you! You can call our support line at any time if you have a question about your home automation system. Our helpful customer service team will have your information on file, allowing them to access the specifications of your system and provide you with pinpoint guidance. They will walk you through a troubleshooting process until we find the cause of your issue. If necessary, one of our local technicians will visit your home to take a closer look and resolve any remaining issues with your home automation system. Our technicians take priding in identifying the cause of any problems, and ensuring that your system is performing optimally.

Heating and Cooling Controls

Would you like to save money on heating and cooling bills, and minimize impact on your HVAC equipment? Do you prefer to have your home at a specific temperature whenever you arrive home in the evening? Heating and cooling automation can make you and your family more comfortable, and help save you money as well.


Did you forget to turn off the lights upstairs? Do you prefer to have the lights on in the kitchen when you come home at night? Whatever your preferences, automating your home’s lighting system can provide incredible convenience. You can do anything from your mobile device, from controlling dimmers to activating motion sensors along a dark walkway.

Access Control

There’s no better way to give yourself peace of mind than to control who can access the entry points to your home. Our access control systems are completely customizable. For example, if you know that your child gets home from school at 4:00 pm every day, you can set your system to unlock the door when they arrive, and then relock the door once they enter your home.


Whether you want to dispatch an unwanted visitor, accept a package, or provide the appearance of being home even when you’re not, an intercom system is an excellent way to stay connected – from wherever you are.

Video Security

Many homeowners are discovering that they would prefer to have access to their home’s video security system even when they are not home. Home automation allows homeowners to connect to their video security system remotely, so that they can access live and recorded video footage anytime, anywhere.


Whether you are watching your favorite TV show or listening to your favorite band, home audio automation can take your media experience to the next level. You can control volume settings and program selection from your tablet or mobile device, or by simply speaking into your home automation assistant.

Home Theater

Home theater automation allows you to take complete control of your next movie night. Every aspect of the programming you choose to watch, from speaker selection to volume to screen brightness and more, is at your fingertips.


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