24/7 Intrusion Alarm Monitoring for Your Home or Business

Protecting your family, your home and your business is critical, and having a professionally installed intrusion alarm system is an effective way for Fort Wayne, IN residents and business owners to get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are fully protected. But did you know that not all intrusion and burglar alarm systems are directly tied into your local police, fire or emergency medical services departments?

Rapid Response for 24/7 Protection

At ECHO Technologies we provide 24/7 intrusion alarm monitoring for homeowners and businesses throughout the Fort Wayne, IN area. Whenever when your alarm system is triggered, our state of the art monitoring center receives the signal. Our trained professional dispatchers immediately provide call verification to verify with you whether the event is a real threat, and if so, we directly contact the appropriate first responders such as police, fire department or EMS.

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How Does Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Work?

Basic intrusion alarm systems sound a high decibel alarm when an entry point is breached – but they may not always be a link to first responders. Often, they just provide a loud noise that is intended to scare off intruders. While the noise may frighten off less-determined criminals, most will simply ignore the noise and attempt to disarm your control panel as soon as they can.

A monitored intrusion alarm system is fully linked to a professional service provider that continuously monitors your property, is alerted when the alarm is triggered, verifies with you that there is an emergency situation, and summons the appropriate help when it is needed. With a monitored system, you can rest easy knowing that your home or business has complete protection from criminal activity like break-ins, theft and vandalism.

Benefits Of Monitored Alarm Systems

A professionally monitored intrusion alarm system from ECHO Technologies can provide many benefits to Fort Wayne, IN residents and business owners, including:

Crime Deterrent

Alarm monitoring is an essential component of an effective home or business security system. Nationwide studies have shown that having a professionally monitored intrusion alarm system increases safety and deters theft. And when you display signage that alerts others that you are protected with a monitored security system, this increases your protection factor even more.

24/7 Protection

Our highly trained staff members continuously monitor your property day and night. No matter whether you are at home or away, we will respond immediately if your alarm is triggered. In such an event, we first contact you to verify; then if needed we contact first responders to dispatch the appropriate emergency services so that they arrive at your site within minutes, which can potentially save lives and prevent the loss of valuable possessions or business assets. Even if your home or business is unoccupied, help will be on the way.


We provide radio service as either the primary alarm monitoring technology, or as a wireless backup. Signals are sent wirelessly to our central monitoring station, without the need for dedicated phone lines or third party networks. Our alarm monitoring facilities are UL listed, so you can rest assured that our personnel and equipment are among the most dependable in the security industry. Plus, our facilities feature built-in redundancies for their power, computer and phone lines. So if something happens to go wrong with one of these systems, the redundancy ensures that our team can continue monitoring your alarm system without interruption. We take pride in always upgrading to the latest monitoring technology, to better serve our Fort Wayne, IN customers.

Insurance Savings

Almost every insurance company provides a substantial reduction on property insurance premiums – generally 10% to 30% – for homeowners and business owners who have their alarm systems professionally monitored. When you choose ECHO Technologies for your alarm system monitoring, we will provide you with an alarm monitoring insurance certificate that you can forward to your insurance company in order to receive your premium discount. Often, the savings on the insurance premiums are enough to cover all or most of the annual alarm monitoring fees.


Even if you currently have an alarm system in your Fort Wayne, IN home or business, we make switching over to our home or business security monitoring service easy, and at minimal cost. We offer multiple service options, with no long term contracts or commitments.

Professionally Staffed

Our highly trained monitoring center employees are NICET, FASA/BASA, and factory certified to handle most security system trouble and fire alarm conditions. We offer an industry leading operator-to-customer ratio to ensure an immediate response to your call, so you will always reach a live operator when contacting us. And you can count on skilled and considerate responses to your alarms, every time.

Wireless Alarm Technology

We offer wireless alarm system monitoring for Fort Wayne, IN homes and businesses. This allows your alarm system to be monitored without a land phone line, saving you the cost and hassle of having to get a landline just to use with your alarm system. And landlines can easily be cut or disabled by intruders, disrupting the communication between your alarm system and the dispatch center, and putting you at unnecessary risk. With wireless monitoring, we can communicate with your alarm system 24/7 through cellular networks.

Remote Monitoring Services

ECHO Technologies also offers interactive services that enable you to know what's going on at your home or business at all times. You can monitor your alarm system from anywhere, using your smartphone, tablet or laptop, which saves you time and puts control at your fingertips. Remotely arm and disarm your security system, schedule automated arm and disarm schedules, receive text or email alerts with open/close reports, instantly delete user codes for terminated employees, and more. For example, if your employees fail to arm your security system or enter your building outside normal business hours, you’ll receive an alert sent to your smartphone.

Reduced False Alarms

False alarms can be costly, as the Fort Wayne, IN police generally impose significant fines once a certain number of false alarms have occurred at your property. Our central monitoring station utilizes two-call enhanced call verification. Our operators take extra steps to determine the source and severity of an alarm event. This allows us to reduce false alarms, and dispatch law enforcement or other first responders without taxing their resources with unnecessary visits.

Periodic System Testing

In addition, secure, managed IP communications transmit a test signal several times per hour, unlike traditional phone lines which only send a signal every 24 hours. We regularly monitor your alarm system for trouble conditions so that we can notify you accordingly. And if your system does not check in with us during a routine test transmission, we will promptly contact you to schedule a service appointment.

Affordable Protection

ECHO Technologies offers affordable service plans that fit any need, whether you need to protect your Fort Wayne, IN home, a single business location, or multiple corporate or industrial facilities. And we offer monitored intrusion alarm services with no contracts or long term commitments required!

Easy Switching From Your Current Alarm System

Switch and save today on your home or business alarm monitoring fees! Our 24/7 monitoring center supports dozens of life safety systems and alarm brands. We can reprogram your existing system from other providers including Ademco, ADT, Bosch, Concord, DSC, Edwards, EST, Faraday, Honeywell, Notifier, Protection One, Siemens, Silent Knight, Simplex, Vigilant, Vivint and more. We'll test your alarm system, connect it with our monitoring center, and ensure that it is operating at full functionality.

Alarm System Maintenance and Upgrades

We go above and beyond to ensure that your security alarm system is performing as intended and is supported by the latest technology. With our periodic inspection and maintenance service, you can rest assured that we’ve always got you covered. Whenever new alarm technology is phased in, your alarm system will be upgraded if necessary. And if we ever detect a performance issue with your system, it will be corrected quickly so you can continue to be confident that your Fort Wayne, IN property is safe from intruders – and from any other threat it may be facing.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home or business is protected with a monitored alarm system gives you peace of mind to rest easy, knowing that your family and your assets are safe – whether you’re at home or work, or on the other side of the globe. With our many years’ experience protecting Fort Wayne, IN residents and businesses, you can be sure that ECHO Technologies will be there every step of the way to keep you safe.


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