Audio/Visual Systems: Custom Design, Installation and Support for Your Fort Wayne, IN Home or Business

ECHO Technologies provides custom audio visual system design and installation for homes and businesses in Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on delivering a personalized solution, creating the ideal audio/video system for your lifestyle or business needs.  

From consultation to design to wiring and installation, our expert team has got you covered. No matter if your project is new construction, a remodel, or a retrofit of an existing AV system, we can help you select the right equipment at a price point that fits your budget.

We specialize in:

  • Audio/Video Systems
  • Home Theater Design
  • TV Wall Mounts
  • Speaker Installation 
  • Wallplates and Inserts
  • Equipment Cabinets 
  • Remote Controls and Extenders
  • Cabling and Connectors
  • Volume Controls
  • HDMI A/V Distribution
  • Video Conference Systems
  • Video Walls

Home AV Systems

Imagine turning your Fort Wayne, IN home into your own personalized home entertainment center, with amazing audio and video in every room. A home theater system enables you to watch the latest 4K movies, and sporting events in crystal clear high definition. A whole home audio system enables you to enjoy instant access to all the music in your library, or to stream via Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, iTunes Radio and other internet streaming providers. 

You don’t need a million dollar home to have a state-of-the-art AV system! Our AV experts at ECHO Technologies can show you how to optimize your home for cutting edge audio and video, at a reasonable cost.

You always have the option to start in one area of your home, or several areas, and expand your AV system later. We’ll help you determine the best solution for your current needs and budget.

Elegant Design, Easy Control

Because your AV system is centralized, all of the equipment is neatly concealed in a closet, out of sight. All wiring is hidden within the walls. The only visible components are keypads, speakers and TV screens, all of which are designed to blend with your home’s decor. 

With whole home audio/video, you can manage your entire system from a single remote control, an integrated touch-screen, or your iPhone/iPad/Android device. No more shuffling multiple remote controls between cable, AppleTV, Blu-Ray and satellite!

At ECHO Technologies, we know that a home audio/video system isn’t enjoyable if the user interface isn’t intuitive and functional. We take pride in ensuring that our systems are easy to control, for any member of your household.

Commercial AV Systems 

ECHO Technologies design and installs commercial audio visual systems for corporate office spaces, retail outlets, sports bars, restaurants and more in Fort Wayne, IN. From video teleconferencing systems to controllers to cutting-edge video wall displays, we can help you choose a system that will provide an impressive customer experience, enable effortless team collaboration, and benefit your business for years to come.

Conference Systems 

Having a state-of-the-art video conferencing system is an excellent way to help reduce business travel costs and meeting-related expenses. 

Whether you’re presenting to an important client, meeting with the executive team, or holding a shareholder teleconference, the quality of your boardroom audio/video equipment and installation is critical. Our expert team at ECHO Technologies will work with you to ensure that your commercial AV system is intuitive and easy to use, putting the power to control screens, audio, live videoconferencing, and other critical systems at your fingertips.

Video Walls

A video wall is a large-scale display that can be used for a variety of applications including public information, advertising, entertainment, security control rooms and more. A video wall system can deliver performance, flexibility, and interactivity that far exceeds a more basic video solution. This is because a video wall system is actually an integrated array of multiple high-resolution displays, controlled by a powerful processing system. The total resolution of the display surface actually increases with each display added to the array, so a video wall can have a much larger display area and much higher resolution than a single display or projector. Video walls can be touch-sensitive and interactive if desired.

Video walls create a strong visual impact for your guests, vendors and customers, enabling your business to create and customize amazing visual spaces, with superior image quality. The display technologies used in video walls are significantly brighter than standard video solutions, making them less susceptible to being washed out by ambient light, so they can be used in environments with windows or overhead lighting.

Video walls can also be used in combination with an enterprise video or audio conferencing system, to serve as an inspiring platform for your team’s ideas and collaboration. Fort Wayne, IN team members can share presentations, review documents, or conduct video conferences with remote colleagues, with amazing clarity and scale. User-friendly control software enables every user to present confidently.

A video wall system from ECHO Technologies can display content from nearly any device, including MacBooks, PCs, tablets, cable TV and more. Devices can be connected physically or streamed to the video wall, for maximum convenience.

Comprehensive Support 

At ECHO Technologies, we provide our Fort Wayne, IN clients with comprehensive technical support for our home audio/visual systems, conference systems and video walls, including phone support, on-site support, and the latest software updates. Contact us today to see how we can customize an audio visual solution for your home or business!